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MOT Testing

  • MOT Center LogoMOTs from £39.95

If your car is three years or older it is a legal requirement to undertake an annual MOT.

This involves performing various tests of every aspect of your vehicle, checking its performance and safety rigorously and in line with current regulations.

Here at Briant Tyres, our official MOT test centre in Bristol –  Charfield – offer full MOTs at highly competitive prices.

Looking for an MOT?

Call one of our MOT centres:

Our Vehicle Inspectorate approved technicians will inspect every aspect of your vehicle – from its structure and emissions system to the windscreen wipers and horn.

If any problems are detected during the MOT, we are also able to offer efficient, high-quality repairs at affordable prices.

Your vehicle can be tested up to one month in advance of its existing certificate.

Contact us today for more information.